• Brushes

    The basic tool of every artist painter. With each stroke, the vision becomes a reality and the effects of satisfaction. In our wide range you will find every kind of brushes tailored to individual needs.

  • Painting

    Paints determine the true motivation of perseverance, which over time leads to satisfactory results. A few brush strokes and the vision is now becoming clear, creating a play of colors. In our store, everyone will find paints satisfying even the highest expectations.

  • Hobby

    If you are looking for a new hobby you are at the right place the right time. Scrapbooking, felting or maybe decorations? Find the way to spend leisure time and have fun with it. Here you can find all you need and even more.

  • Drawing

    Come on and draw your life. Let the world get blush. Pastels, pencils, coals and more are still waiting for your choice. Do not hesitate to start sketching and find something perfect in our offer.

Shipping information

Country< 2kg< 5kg< 25kg< 50kg
United Kindom€ 15.80€ 15.80€ 25.30€ 40.50
Finland€ 15.80€ 15.80€ 25.30€ 40.50
Lithuania€ 15.20€ 15.20€ 23.40€ 39.10
Germany€ 14.80€ 14.80€ 35.50€ 31.90
Czech Republic€ 14.20€ 14.20€ 19.10€ 30.90
Slovakia€ 14.20€ 14.20€ 19.10€ 30.90
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