Cretacolor Artistic Pencils

Cretacolor Artistic Pencils
    • Charcoal - Sharpened to a fine point, charcoal pencils and leads are ideal for detail work. Achieve smooth and vivid charcoal lines with the convenience of a pencil.
    • Nero charcoal - An oil-based charcoal that produces a shiny black, smudge-proof stroke. Water-resistant pencils, leads, and sticks work in excellent combination with traditional charcoal and all manner of water media when a permanent line is needed.
    • Black pastel - Essential for sketching and drawing, black pastels are available as pencils, leads, and deep-black burnt pastels.
    • White pastel - White pastel combines perfectly with charcoal, sanguine, and white. Available as pencils, leads, and oil pencils for highlighting and lightening color tones.
    • Sepia - Tradition brown available in light and dark shades for both pastel pencils & leads. Smudge-proof, shiny oil pencils are also available in both light and dark sepia.
    • Sanguine - The classic terracotta sanguine is available in traditional dry pastel pencils and leads, shiny, water-resistant oil pencils, and the essential burnt pastel stick.
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    Manufacturer: Cretacolor
    € 1.20

    Available sizes

    Charcoal soft

    Charcoal medium

    Charcoal hard

    Black pastel

    € 1.20€ 1.20€ 1.20€ 1.20

    Black water-resistant oil pencil - very soft

    Black water-resistant oil pencil - soft

    Black water-resistant oil pencil - medium

    Black water-resistant oil pencil - hard

    € 1.20€ 1.20€ 1.20€ 1.20

    Black water-resistant oil pencil - very hard

    White pastel 1

    White pastel 2

    White oil pastel

    € 1.20€ 1.20€ 1.20€ 1.20

    Sanguine oil

    Sanguine dry

    Sepia light

    Sepia dark

    € 1.20€ 1.20€ 1.20€ 1.20

    Sepia light oil

    Sepia dark oil

    € 1.20€ 1.20

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