Graph'it Shake Medium Markers 4mm

Graph'it Shake Medium Markers 4mm

Opaque water based ink markers Shake are perfect addition to range of 158 marker from Graph'it series. Shake markers convince artists by wide range of balanced tones of color and four types of tips.

  • The widest range of colors (21) is available among Medium marker with medium tip, to many applications from hobbyist to street arts
  • Commonly chosen by illustrators markers with Fine tip are offering 18 colors, including 6 unique opaque colors
  • XL markers are classic instrument to create street art or inscriptions on posters or walls. Very easily are covering huge spaces.
Manufacturer: Inni
€ 4.40

Available colors

The limitations imposed by RGB visualization do not permit a perfect chromatic reproduction of the shades. At your local dealer you will have the possibility of consulting a hand-made colourchart realized with original colours.

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