Lascaux Fixative 300ml

Lascaux Fixative 300ml

    Composition: Pure acrylic resin in organic solvents


    • extremely lightfast and age resistant
    • non-matt
    • permits invisible fixing on absorbent supports (paper, cardboard, etc.)
    • a silky-matt to a slightly glossy varnish can be obtained on non-absorbent substrates (prints, photographs, acrylic colours and oil paintings
    • it is non-yellowing
    • does not change the hue of colours upon drying


    • a multi-purpose fixative which seals or fixes almost any product on almost any surface
    • for invisible fixing of drawings in pencil, charcoal, pastel and way crayons, particularly on delicate paper
    • can be applied as a fixative or a waterproof sealing coat to water-colours, India ink or tempera works
    • sealing with Lascaux Fixativ makes photographs, photostats, art prints, lithographs, proofs, press-on lettering and gold leaf scratch proof
    • suitable as a final varnish for acrylic colours and thoroughly dried out oil paintings, etc.
    • whose high quality has been tried and tested in many fields including art teaching, graphic and fine art, printing, bookbinding and architectural draftsmanship


    Lascaux Fixativ is applied in a thin, even film by spraying from a distance of approx. 30cm in a circular movement. For use on delicate drawing paper, the distance should be increased and care taken that the paper does not become soaked through. The spraying process can be repeated until the desired result is obtained.

    As a varnish for acrylic paintings, Lascaux Fixativ can be applied in any number of layers (very important in attaining an even glaze and degree of gloss).

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    Manufacturer: Lascaux
    € 35.30

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