Maimeri Acrilico 200ml

Maimeri Acrilico 200ml

    An acrylic colour of a new generation, a new acrylic language, strong, rapid, adaptible to the heart and spirit of those who use it. An excellent tool in the hands of professional and hobby artists as well as students. The state-of-the-art acrylic resin used for Maimeri Acrilico determines the high viscosity of the colour and makes this innovative product suitable even for application in thick layers. Vivid, bright and clean colours composed by top quality pigments, carefully ground, dispersed and stabilized and chosen in order to create intense and luminous shades. The finish is homogeneous and satinated. Scrupulous formulation and a careful dispersion process permit to obtain, through mixing, bright and clean secondary colours. The degree of lighfastness and covering power varies in relation to the nature of the single pigment.

    Manufacturer: Maimeri
    € 7.40

    Available colors

    The limitations imposed by RGB visualization do not permit a perfect chromatic reproduction of the shades. At your local dealer you will have the possibility of consulting a hand-made colourchart realized with original colours.

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