Maimeri Polycolor Gesso 1000ml

Maimeri Polycolor Gesso 1000ml


    The classic white makes it considered a universal right for paintings done by using light colors and dark and gloomy. The GESSO white can be used as background for the whole line of acrylic Polycolor.


    The special black color makes this product irreplaceable as background for paintings by the dark tones or, conversely, to create contrast effects when placed under bright tones. For best results particularly impressive, we recommend the use of Gesso as a base for the line Polycolor Reflect.


    The ivory color makes it suitable as background for paintings created with warm and bright colors, especially when applied to strokes and full-bodied "grainy". Opening, in fact, the brush points to a bright color of the fund that helps to "push forward " on top, overlapping tones. The Ivory Gesso is suitable for all Polycolor colours line and in particular as a primer for the tones of bronze, gold and copper.


    The gray tone, makes it suitable as background for paintings made with cool colors and metal in general. Excellent when used with all colors of the range Polycolor, offers special effects as the basis for the cool tones of the line Polycolor Reflect and metallic line Polycolor Body.


    The rough Gesso Polycolor applies in any medium with a stiff bristle brush pork.We do not recommend dilution as not to lose the characteristic that distinguishes materiality. The film is uneven material and allows the top color and a full anchor. Despite the characteristic texture, is flexible and elastic. Indulge perfectly the movements of the support. The application of the top color is fragmented and discontinuous: the brush is wide and gives rise a beautiful effect "sand". The rough Gesso is used as a primer for all lines of acrylic Polycolor.

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    Manufacturer: Maimeri
    € 26.20

    Available colors

    The limitations imposed by RGB visualization do not permit a perfect chromatic reproduction of the shades. At your local dealer you will have the possibility of consulting a hand-made colourchart realized with original colours.

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