Viva Decor Ferro 90ml

Ferro is a totally unique „special effect colour“ that delivers a real metallic finish. Use Viva Decor Ferro Metal Effect Colour to decorate and enhance any Art Deco object – it can also be used to decorate your personal wall. Ferro is fine-grained and particularly suitable to be used with stencils - all colours are intermixable. 

To achieve best results - please pay attention to the following guidelines:

  • Apply Viva Decor Ferro Metal gradually - 2 thin coats at least 1 mm thick and wait for first coat to dry before applying the 2nd coat.
  • Do not dry Viva Decor Ferro Metal too fast and let your decorated work dry naturally - for example do not use any heat source - hair dryer etc.
  • Use stainless steel rust-proof tools when working with Viva Decor Ferro Metal.
Manufacturer: Viva Decor
€ 6.20

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