Maimeri Italian Natural Earth Colours 60ml

Maimeri Italian Natural Earth Colours 60ml

    The Italian Natural Earth Colours are created with pigments of antique origin that have always been used to make the colours that until a few years ago characterized the regional schools of painting throughout Italy. The colours of Roman houses, of Venetian palaces, of the Umbrian or Tuscan hill-towns. They are perfectly mixable with any other type and line of oil paints and egg yolk-based temperas, and can even be used with all the mediums made for this painting technique, the colours in the Italian Natural Earth Colours series have which it is important to know about for their optimal use. The way they are formulated makes them very similar to those used in the long-ago past for oil painting, traditionally done with earth colours. Italian Natural Earth Colours have larger grain size than other oil paints currently being formulated and so create slightly opaque and rougher coats. Any differences in shine between one type of paint and another, used on the same work, can be remedied with retouching and even final varnishes. The paints may be somewhat denser than those in other series and so it may be best to thin the colour with substances like Oily Thinner, Oilyn or even just a few drops of Poppy Oil or Lavender Essence. Even when thinned, paint coverage is ensured by the maximum concentration of pigment sustainable in formulation. We recommend using bristle brushes to work or mix the paints on the palette, while generally softer brushes, to the user's taste, can be used for actual painting. The white "White Earth of Carrara" is a thin blending white, created to lessen the tonal density of the individual earth colours without interfering with the final chromatic result by altering its character, as other whites would do. As an exception it can be used pure in fairly thick coats, always bearing in mind that you will get a warm white tint offering little coverage, slightly rough to the touch and extremely soft to the eye. Slight discontinuities in colour tones are a guarantee of the authenticity and naturalness of the product, which contains no additional colorants of organic synthesis.

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    Manufacturer: Maimeri
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    Available colors

    The limitations imposed by RGB visualization do not permit a perfect chromatic reproduction of the shades. At your local dealer you will have the possibility of consulting a hand-made colourchart realized with original colours.

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